7 Tips to Proactively Market a Home to Sell … and begin traveling

Today’s guest post from Tali Wee of Zillow, provides suggestions to get you the most money for your home, sell it quickly, and get on with living the life you desire.

Keys changing hands

For adventurers like Warren and Betsy, one major decision to make before transitioning to a travelling lifestyle is whether or not to sell the family home. The return on the investment (ROI) of a home is a great way to establish funding to make world traveling possible. In fact, if a homeowner is committed to making a lifestyle shift from homeowner to traveler, he or she will likely be interested in the quickest sale possible to begin their dream.

Review these seven tips to proactively market a property to get it sold at the highest price within the shortest timeframe.

1. Stage the Home

The first impression homebuyers get from a home tremendously impacts whether they’ll make an offer. Serious sellers stage their homes to appeal to the widest variety of buyers. Consider hiring a one-time staging consultant to advise on colors, furniture, fixtures and other finishes.
For sellers who aren’t interested in hiring an expert, begin by cleaning the home thoroughly. Open up window treatments to let natural light pour into the space. Remove personalized photographs so buyers can visualize themselves in the home. Stick to neutral paint colors and carpet hues. Sell or store outdated furniture to declutter and give each room a modern feel. Divide furniture among rooms to apply purpose to each space whether it’s a bedroom, office, dining room or exercise area.

2. Spruce Up the Exterior

Clean up the garden beds and plant seasonal blooms to revive tired exteriors. A fresh layer of top soil really makes plants pop. Rake up fallen leaves and trim any overgrown trees or shrubs. Pressure-wash the driveway or walkway and pull any weeds or unruly moss from the yard. Freshly mow the lawn. If the home is in dire need of painting, seriously consider having it painted prior to putting it on the market. The home’s curb appeal is vital to buyers’ interest in the property.

3. Splurge for Photographs

Once the home is in good condition, hire a real estate photographer to take professional photos. These marketing photos are crucial to attracting buyers. The images should be well-lit and as true to reality as possible. It’s all too common and discouraging for homes to look great on paper, but disappointing in person when rooms are visibly much smaller or rundown. Although much can be done with digital editing, specifically request natural photographs. That way, only interested buyers will visit and the chatter will be predominantly positive.