How Much Does It Cost to Travel Around the World (February 2012)

Stay tuned to the bottom of this post for the announcement about our wonderful new partnership.

February was another great month here in Chiang Mai. We enjoyed more wonderful time exploring the temples here as well as getting out of the city for a bit. However, the biggest news is that Betsy completed the manuscript for our next book! She handed it off to the editor and we are on track to launch on March 15th. This also signifies that we are winding down our time here in Thailand, which is a bittersweet thought.

In terms of spending the only significant deviation of our spending was our 5 day trip to the mountains of Chiang Dao, 1.5 hours north of Chiang Mai. We went up there to give Betsy a change of scenery to complete the manuscript. We have found that for the final push on our book projects this provides a great source of inspiration and motivation. We spent a bit more on food while we were there, but having cut back the rest of the month the final results show we did great in terms of our budget.

Let’s Get to the Numbers

  • Total spending to date (for entire trip) through February 2012: $32,502
  • Total spending for February 2012: $1,397
  • Daily average for February 2012: $48.17
  • Overall daily average (17 months on the road): $62.99

Expense Breakdown:

Big Announcement:

We are excited to announce that starting this month, RTW Expenses is joining together with Meet, Plan, Go to deliver more robust articles, guidance, and information to help you plan your holidays and long term travel. Betsy and I have been tremendous fans of the idea of helping others to plan their own around the world adventures, and this joint venture is a perfect synergy with our message.

In case you don’t know Meet, Plan, Go are THE leaders in the career break movement in North America. They provide encouragement and teaching to show others how to travel the world and have it be beneficial to your career. They are passionate about the idea of incorporating the term “career break” into everyone’s career plans.

Going forward we will be providing you more in-depth articles and advice to help you plan your own adventure. We will be publishing more regularly and giving you deeper insights into how you can save on visas, health insurance, gear, travel, and much more.

We know this partnership will provide you all all with a host of new resources and ideas as you plan to hit the road. We’ve been anxious to  share this news with you all as we know you are going to love the wealth of new inspiration and ideas we can deliver together.