How Much Does it Cost to Travel Around the World (October 2011 tally)

October saw us in Belgium, Germany, and Thailand so our expenses were a bit all over the map…literally. We had a wonderful visit with friends before leaving Europe after 5 months and as a result were able to stay under budget during that time. However, it required a lot more work and a few house sitting opportunities to stay on track.

The single biggest expense this month was for the flights to Thailand. Given our flexibility we did a lot of research on the cheapest place to fly from in Europe. Turns out that flying from Dusseldorf was almost 50% less than the next closest option, so the research really paid off. Plus, now you all know if you ever need to fly to Thailand check out Germany as a great alternative. We spent less than $600 each on the direct flights to Bangkok, plus another $70 each to get to Chiang Mai, which still turned out to be a considerable chuck of our monthly budget. Regardless of these big one time expenses it is great to see that we still came in over $300 under budget.

We are now in Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be staying here for the next several months. We are so excited to have arrived just in time to launch our first book and have already started writing our second. We are looking forward to the opportunity to get to know a city and its people while we focus on turning this adventure into our lifestyle. It will also be very good for our budget  as we have found a wonderful place to rent in the city center for $600/month and we can eat for a fraction of the cost in Europe. Plus, since wine is priced out of our budget here our alcohol line item should drop considerably. We expect to be exploring the area a bit and have already ventured out for some white-water rafting. Look out next month for how we did on this new plan.

Let’s Get to the Numbers

  • Total spending to date through October 2011: $26,826
  • Total spending for October 2011: $2,686
  • Daily average for October 2011: $86.64
  • Overall daily average (13 months on the road): $67.74

Expense Breakdown:

October 2011 expense categories table

Oct 11 - Total spending to date

Lesson Learned:

  • Explore departure/arrival options – When we made the decision to come to Thailand we started with the idea that we could fly from anywhere in Europe. As a result we explored a lot of different options by comparing flights from different cities. While it took some time to explore all the alternatives we ended up saving over $1,000 which will keep us on the road another 10 days at our current budget and well worth the time. Wherever you’re travelling to and from, explore a range of options. In some cases you can even find cheap cruises from one port to another cheaper than what you can fly. So while saving money, you’re also adding a great new experience to your holiday. Be sure to check all the options and you’ll be surprised with what great deals you can find!